Torrential Rain

There is torrential rain in my home town.
Heavy rain had turned the roads into a river!

it's rainin, rainin♪
oh baby it's rainin, rainin♪


Souvenirs from Korea

My friend gave me souvenirs from Korea

and my other friend gave me them
A lot of talk is going on in Japan about snail cosmetics now,
so I wanted to try a snail facial mask.

I really want to visit Korea!


Cafe Buriko

I met my old high school friends:)

One of my high school friend moved to Tokyo to be actress.
so I was really happy to meet her.

I ate steamed hamburger steak at Cafe Buriko in Ohsu.

I also eat a parfait :p



I had a BBQ with my classmates in the middle of August.
 My friend wrote my name on paper cup

 There are long slides.
they were so much fun;)

 and they celebrated my birthday (and some friends who have birthday in Aug.)



I ordered gateau au choolat at a cafe,
and a waiter brought me cheese cake.

but I ate cheese cake without complaining,
because the waiter was cool and stylish!