As usual,
I have lot of homework.

but I can't leave my computer.

I want to sleep until 3 am.


3D Flower Mesh

I know I have to do my homework early...

I wore 3D flower mesh top which I bought in Osaka.
top : American Apparel
pants : Uniqlo
shoes : Esperanza
bag : Jeanasis

I'll do my homework : (


American Apparel

When we went to Osaka,
we went shopping at American Apparel.

I like American Apparel very much,
but there aren't its shop in Nagoya : (

Nagoya is one of the major city of Japan,
but not so convenience in comparison with Tokyo and Osaka.

So when I went to any other cities, 
for example Osaka or Honolulu,
 which have American Apparel,
I always go there.

I bought a 3D flower mesh jumper.

And Kitty bought a beret cap.
(Actually, I paid for it.)

We wanted to enjoy shopping without haste,
but we didn't have time so much.

I wish American Apparel's shop will open in Nagoya.

And I think they also have interest in American Apparel : )




My friend made it today.

Can you guess what is it made from?

It's made from a Japanese white radish!

Amazing : )

And my friends and teacher gave me chocolates and cookies.

I could enjoy the feeling of Halloween for a moment.