Small Happiness

I've got new bag!
I found it unexpectedly,
I really wanted a bag like this!


GAGA in Japan!

Gaga is staying in Japan!

Even she is rich and famous,
she had dinner at cheap sushi restaurant to show the safety of Japanese foods,
performed to encourage Japanese people,
and appeal that Japan is safe.

My dad said,
" She looks crazy, but she is smart than the Japanese Prime Minister,
and now, I'm one of her fan, little monster." 

She is really great person, isn't she?



My friend gave me Mexican... candy...?

But... : (

somebody know about it?

What's this?




Recently, I'm tired from working so much,
because my new part time job is really hard now from a lack of hands.

I don't have holiday!

In addition of that,
my PC was out of whack.

I got irritated for these reason...

But today,
I didn't have any part time job!

so, I went to my friend's photo gallery,
enjoyed some shopping on the way 
and hanged out with my uni friends to eat Shabu-shabu:)

That was my first drink in a long time! yey!



Where do you wanna go?

Shirt : ?
Pants : Heather
Shoes : Emoda

When we took pictures of my shoes,
Asian woman (I think she is a Filipina) who we don't know said to me
"Your shoes are really good! I like them!" in Japanese.

I was surprised, but she made me happy:)


False Eyelashes

I bought some cosmetics in drugstore.
I like this false eyelashes and eyeliner.
These are good for my eyes:)


My New Shirt + Shoes!

shirt : zara
dress : zara
shoes : emoda

Kitty wore zara shirt and emoda shoes I bought before I wear!



I'm studying for my linguistics test ...

It's so hard to understand because my teacher is really stubborn and unkind.
I hate him :p


New shoes!

Do you remenber that I bought new wedges in Emoda!

I said "I'll show you tomorrow" two weeks ago...

Anyway, These are new shoes!

I really wanted them, but these are always out of stock,
and finally I've got them : )

but I have problem.
The height of the heels  is 12cm, and I'm 171cm.

I'll be 183cm with the shoes.
It's too tall as Japanese girl. mmm...


Stray - Black Dress

dress : Love Gils Market
flats : Esperanza

My mum and Kitty are crazy about the soccer game between Japan and Czech now.
I can hear they screaming in my room! lol



Long time no see...

I'm busy recently, so I couldn't blog.
I'm sorry:(

Today, let me introduce something which I found recently!

Can you guess what thhese are?

These are false eyelashes!

These false eyelashes are made from papers.

These are so cute, aren't they?

You can see more types


I want them!
I wanna wear them in my graduation party:)