My Nails for Part-time Job

I love to put red or shocking pink polish on my nails,
but I can't because of my part-time jobs.

so they are my nails for part-time jobs.

Recently I'm so busy working part-time that I can't bloging and taking pictures...


Rainy Days...

The rainy season has begun.

I can't go anywhere...

Of course I've got the latest NYLON JAPAN!


Tired :(

I'm dead tired!
I was busy this week...

Today I had study and training for my new part-time job!

I guessed it takes 3 or 4 hours,
but actually it took 10 hours!

Ididn't know that...

I'm so sleepy now...

But I don't have any work tomorrow!
I can oversleep!

oh, I bought cute wedges yesterday,
so I'll show you tomorrow!

Good night:)


Run the World - Beyonce

Run the World - Beyonce

Billboard Music Award 2011

You should watch it!
she's amazing!


S&M - Rihanna feat. Britney

S&M - Rihanna feat. Britney

Billboard Music Award2011


Rihanna is cool of course, 
but when Britney came on the stage,
 I got goose bumps!

I like her sweet voice:)



I want to write about our fashion,
 but I stayed at home today!haha

so, they are pictures which I took one day.



Lazy Day

I spent a lazy day today...

Because I didn't have anything to do in my house.
(Actually I have many homeworks, haha) 

As I wrote before, I have trouble with my part-time jobs recently.

I want to quit my job, so I'm looking for a new part-time job.
I applied for some jobs, but I was rejected...
maybe 5? or 6 jobs...


I send a CV to work in a department store yesterday.
That is really good terms,
so I wish I can get a good response.



I met my friend today.
We talked about many things at Starbucks,
and my friend looked so good in her skinny pants.

After  that,
she left to work and I went to Zara alone,
because I wanted to get a full length pants!

I tried some pants, but I looked terrible!

I realized that full length pants don't suit me at all!

I got depressed...
My legs looks really bad!
not like hers!

I gave up to wear full length pants...


Rough Shot

We had dinner with my parents and grand parents:)

dress : zara
jacket : zara
bag : jeanasis


they are rough shot!


Best Friends?

I bought a set of rings and gave Kitty one. 

We're sisters,
but rings say "best frieds" hehe...



I bought Krispy Kreme Doughnuts which is made in collaboration with Barbie!

They are too sweet and cute to eat : )


Souvenirs of TDL

Blogger didn't work yesterday,
and some posts were removed : (

I bought these accessories at Tokyo Disney Land!

and this cellphone strap too.

but it's big and little bit encumbrance,
so maybe I'll take it off...  haha


Big Problem For Me

I'm writing my resume to get new part-time job.

I have a part-time job in sushi restaurant.

I like to work in there,
but I think my chief doesn't want me to work in there anymore
because new enployee joined last month,
so they have enough workers.

I can't work as before.
I need money but I can't make money.

I know they treat regular enployee of the company
than me as just a part-time worker,
but I've been working really hard for the restaurant.

I'm really sad and frustrated.
It's my biggest problem and give me an upset stomach.

What do you think?


K loves red

Kitty also loves red!

dress : Ray Cassin 
flats : I am I
bag : ZARA

she had a space warp! lol

Oh, rot!

Anyway,we love red:)


M loves red

knit : ZARA
skirt : H&M
socks : EMODA
bag : jeanasis
loafers : haruta

These  are loafers I wore as uniform when I was high school student,
and this is a belt I stole from my mum:)

It looks like Sukeban.
(Japanese cuddle-bunny leader?
a delinquent girl?
I don't know how explain.)


Driving to Pick Her Up

I drove to pick Kitty up.
She had English classes today.

Hime in the passenger seat : )

My mum drove on the way home.

and my look today

shirt : American Apparel
shorts : ZARA
flats : I am I

I don't have good pictures of my look today...