My New Toy:)

We bought a single-lens reflex camera!

We went some different shops many times,
because It's expensive and there are many types of  cameras,
but finally we've got this one : )

I have to learn how to use it efficiently more...



At the beginning of February,
I went to Nabananosato (kind of  flower park)
with my mom and grandparent by car.

We went there to see illumination which is only in winter,
but I especially like a greenhouse.

They were sooooo beautiful!!!

I love flowers, so I took many pictures excitedly
and I lost sight of my family.

I felt like I'm Rihanna : )

Am I far from her?



Wonder Woman

We went to MAC yesterday
to buy Wonder Woman collection!

I was really looking forward to get them.

I bought nail lacquers and lip glass.

They are sooooo cute!

I really wanted red lipstick actually,
but unfortunately lipstick was sold out...

I'm so sad : (

I ate too much yesterday.


Is Spring Here?

It was fairly warm today : )

My parents went to watch a night baseball game,
so we went Sakae to have dinner and shopping.

sweater, shirt, short : ZARA
flats : I am I

I wish spring would hurry up and come...


High School Friends

I went out with my high school friends.
We had lunch in Korean restaurant.,
because I have interest in Korea!

After that,
one of my friend left to go to driving school,
and other friend joined.

French toast which I ate in cafe was so good : )

We talked a lot about many things!
Those were lovely times...

We'll meet again on next monday
because we have a drinking party.

Many more high school friends will join the party,
so I'm looking forward to seeing them!


New Friend

I went out with my new friend last monday.

She's three years younger than me,
but fashionable and has good sense and figure.

I could relax with her : )

I really enjoyed!


Pray For All

The interview of  the sufferers and unbelievable hellish images
is reported whole day on TV.

Significant tsunami damage,
TV news footage of the moment,
being swallowed by the waves,
the city had a skeptical view of the terrible sight..

The man whose wife and children were swept by tsunami in front of him,
the old man who identified  the dead body of his grandson,
the woman who has lost all her family and became alone.

I really can't believe that.

I heard that more than ten thousand and five hundred of people have died.

The toll of victims is increasing everyday.

I just pray that many more people survive a really..

And now,
many people try to save Japan.

Lady Gaga Japan Earthquake Relief Wristband

I wish many people join them.



Japan is in panic now.

There was a pretty strong earthquake
 in the Tohoku Region of Japan yesterday.

I felt strong quake while working in Nagoya,
but fortunately my hometown wasn't damaged.
The epicenter is far from Nagoya.

The news of disasters is reported all day.
I heard that more than thousand people have died by tsunami.

The images of disaster are horrific.

The village swallowed up by tsunami instantaneously

The city turned into a sea of fire

The person who is searching for a missing family
 in the destroyed village with tears

I can't believe that such a horrible thing occurred actually in Japan.


Shopping Day

Clothes which we bought last saturday



It was my first time to buy cloth in Emoda


Italian Lunch

We went to shopping, yesterday.

At first,we had lunch in Marino, Italian restaurant in Sakae.

We ordered set lunches.

In the restaurant,
we could eat pizza as much as we like
and we could choose a pasta and 3 cakes.

 The foods were so good,
we were satisfied but ate too much : )


Doll's Festival

It was Doll's festival, yesterday.

Doll's festival is day of girls
at which families with girl children display the Hina dolls
 and eat chirashi-sushi.(kind of sushi)



It's sunny today!

It's good weather for shopping : )

 I'll go shopping, yey!



I wanted to go shopping taday
because I don't have any part-time jobs
but it's raining today,
so I gave up : (