Do you know Brigitte Bardot?

I love her!
I wrote a report about her in last writing class:)

She is French actress called "BB(bebe)".

In 1956, she acted a nymphet
 (a little devil? coquettish? i don't know how to say...)
trifling with men in "Et Dieu... créa la femme"
and became famous as a sex symbol.

She is sexy, but little bit childish.
That's why men are charmed with her, I think.

I especially like her fashion and hair.

She is soooo cute, isn't she?

If I have opportunity, I'd like to see her film : )


American Apparel

I've wondered that readers of this blog were increasing recently,
and I found out why.

Kitty's look has been on Shop American Apparel Online!

I didn't know that.

Thank you so much,
American Apparel!

I luv you! lol

And then...
I want American Apparel to open the store in Nagoya...


The Only Star

We went to Mika Nakashima's concert in Nagoya!
It was the first day of her concert tour.

The concert was so good!
How beautiful she is!
If you don't know her, I want you to check her.

She had stopped all her artistic activities
because of ear disease,
so I was really worried about her,
but I'm sooo happy I could see her lively singing : )

anyway, we really enjoyed : )

I'll do my homeworks...



I got cold...
feel so bad...

I left my work earlier than usual yesterday,
and today, I was absent from school & part-time job
and I was laid up all day long...

But I have to cure a cold today!

because I will go to a concert of Mika Nakashima tomorrow!!!
As I wrote before, I'm a big fan of her.

I'm really looking forward to see her!


The Burning Plain - TOWA TEI

"The Burning Plain"

 Yukihiro Takahashi & Kiko Mizuhara

loooooooove Kiko!!!!!
fuckin' cute!!!!!


Ate Too Much Again

Last saturday,
we went to yakiniku!

(We are absorbed in eating!)
We ate too much again!



I fought against zombies with Kitty in station.

That was a hard fight...


Parody of Royal Wedding

It's soo funny!


I really can't get up early
but I could get up early this morning inexplicably
though I don't have any class today.

I took shower and checked some blogs with coffee.

My mum will came back to home around noon
 and we'll go out to have lunch, 
so I have to ready but I'm soooo sleepy now...



I'm dyeing my eyebrows now.

my schedule

today : drinking party
tomorrow : drinking party
day after tomorrow : drinking party

so much fun!


New Skirt

skirt : H&M
shirt : ZARA

We bought this skirt in Osaka
because there isn't H&M shop in Nagoya : (


Katy Perry - Firework

Have you heard this song?

It's so good and touching
and I cry everytime I heard this song.

You should listen : )
It'll encourage you!



top : w closet
shorts : american apparel
flats : esperanza

I put a red scarf on my hair
because this look is quiet.

I like the shape of coller and emblem shaped anchor.
It's like a sailor!  



Kitty posted her second look.
jacket, bag : jeanasis
shirt, shorts : zara
cap : LDS


plz hype her : )