Happy Halloween!

I made a one-day trip to Osaka with Kitty yesterday.

There were many people in Halloween costume in Nanba, Osaka.

I like to see people in costume.
It's so much fun : )

My friend invited me to Halloween party,
but I was planning to stay in Osaka this weekend,
so I refused.

I'd like to join Halloween party next year.



I usually go straight home after school.
(because I don't like school!)
but I had guidance for job hunting after French class today,
so I stayed at my school till night.

The school of night was stunning.



It's me, Kitty.
It was raining : (

today's look
jacket : Jeanasis
shirt : ?
skirt : Lowrys Farm
bag : Lowrys Farm
sneakers : Converse

I bought new sneakers for my school trip.
black converse : )

It's very comfortable!
I made a good buy.


Purple × Navy


I used up my lotion and milk,
so I went Sakae to buy new lotion and milk.

Today's Look
dress : ZARA
stole : Jeanasis
bag : Marc by Marc Jacobs
shoes : Esperanza

my stole is vivid purple,
but it doesn't look well in photo.



Shocking event.

Mika Nakashima decided to stop all of her artistic activities
because of ear disease.

I'm ardent fan of hers,
and the ticket of her 10th anniversary concert
 which hold on October 30th arrived yesterday.

Miraculously I got a seat in a front row,
so I rejoiced to see the ticket so much yesterday.

I couldn't believe that I can see her
from a short distance.

But this morning,
I 'm terribly shocked to hear the news.

And the concert on next saturday was also cancelled.

I was surprised and very sad.

I wish she'll get better.


Lavender Dress


Today's Look
dress : Love Girls Market
short pants : American Apparel
shoes : Esperanza
bag : Marc by Marc Jacobs

My new bag.

This bag come in many other colors,
so I was wondering which to choose,
but I chose washed black.

I'll go to bed...
Good night.


Military Jacket

I didn't have part-time job today!


I didn't have any plans...

I want to go somewhere fun.

today's look
jacket : ZARA
tops : Uniqlo
skirt : ZARA
bag : Jeanasis
shoes : Esperanza

It's my new tights which I bought at Maruei last week.
unique pattern : )



Hola : )

I went shopping at Sakae with Kitty.

When I found something good,
I take Kitty there with me at a later date and ask

"Is it cute?"
"What do you think of it?"
"Is it worth buying?"

in most cases.

Actually, I'm a person of indecision!

And I went Esperanza again.
I couldn't find cute shoes in other shops,
but there were many cute and nice shoes in Esperanza.

I'm sure I'll go Esperanza again soon : )

I also bought earrings and a hair ornament.
I like lip shaped thing,
so when I found it on register counter,
I asked a saleswoman

"Do you have a red one?"

and I decided to buy it immediately.

There are a lot of things I need money for...



I don't have any plan today.
I have too much time on my hands.

I just went a convenience store near my house : (
 I'm bored to death .

today's look
dress : ZARA
stole : Jeanasis
shoes : Esperanza

 simple coordinate for boring day.

The customer of sushi restaurant where I work part-time 
gave me Lancom lip gloss yesterday.

I don't know why...

Maybe he is a fan of mine! lol



I‘m Kitty.
It's my first time to write blog : )

I went to Sakae with Em on Sunday.

cardigan : Jeanasis
tops :  ?
skirt : Lowrys Farm
bag : Lowrys Farm


Lip Care

I usually use Savex for my lip,
and I bought yellow one.

Pink one is Kitty's.

Savex sisters : )



New UNIQLO store has opened near my house on Friday,
so I went there with my parents.

Today's look
jacket : ZARA
T-shirt : American Apparel
skirt : ZARA
leggings : Uniqlo
shoes : Esperanza
belt : ?
bag : Jeanasis

I tied my hair with black ribbon.

I bought black leggings pants at Uniqlo.
Uniqlo's leggings pants is very soft and easy to wear.

and cheap : )

I made a good buy.



I'm so sleepy...


I have a lot of homework.

I wish I could sleep until 2:00am : (

today's look
cardigan : Jeanasis
skirt : ZARA
bag : Jeanasis
shoes : Esperanza

My mother bought this skirt
 that can be worn in many combinations
 for me at ZARA.

I'll bigin to write my report.

See ya.


Ice Cream

I went to Sakae with Kitty again.

Because there are 
special sales for celebrating Drogons' victory
 in everywhere in Nagoya.

These days,
we go to Sakae every Sunday : P

our looks

cardigan : Jeanasis
dress : ZARA
bag : moussy
shoes : Esperanza


cargigan : Jeanasis
skirt : Lowrys Farm

even though it's in the sales
we didn't buy anything.

we ate ice cream!

We went to 31 ice cream.

They are flavors sold only in October.

Halloween :)

I like her hot pink lip.

Maybe she used MAC lipstick for her lip.

You can eat them only in October.

Hurry up! 




I'm so sleepy...

I went out for a drink with my high school friends.
It was a great fun :)

I can handle my alcohol well.
Alcohol has no effect on me at all.

I bought new nail polishes for today,
but blue one isn't my ideal colour.

Purple one is glittering and cute.
I like it!

I also bought this book.

Do you know Miliyah Kato?

She is a Japanese singer.

I glanced my eyes over it,
and I think she's a wonderful dresser.

It's worth seeing.

Fashion-crazy people should buy and read it!


Union Jack

How time flies!

I had a part-time job today.
I'm so tired now.
Because of Friday!

Today's look
Cardigan : Jeanasis
Short pants : American Apparel
Shoes : Esperanza

I want someone to take picture of me.
It looks bad to take picture in elevator!

Postman brought me stuffs yesterday.
I have ordered this cardigan and a belt through the internet.
And I wore it straightaway today.

I think they will do good job during autumn.