Hype me!

I created Lookbook account
and posted some looks,
but it seems that my looks are not so popular :-(

If you have lookbook account,
pleeeese hype me! lol

I bought new blush and eyeshadow base  in NARS today.
 I'll use them tomorrow :)



I bought some gifts for my high school friends (four person),
because we'll meet after a long time on Thursday.
But I think I spent money a bit too much for each person, 
so I became poor!

These glasses are cute, aren't they?

So I bought same one for myself.

 Actually, that's why I became poor : P


Merry Christmas!

Joyeux Noel!

I made cupcakes with Kitty : )

Santa Claus hadn't come to my house to bring me a present!
I wanted a boy friend as a Christmas present from Santa Claus...

I wish you a very merry Christmas!



I watched Burlesque with Kitty on Wednesday.

Burlesque  was so good!

Christina was beautiful,

Cher was cool

and dancers were so sexy.

It's an ordinary success story,
but sparkling and little bit touching.

 My favorite is makeup lesson  scene.
My heart twinged : )

And I like Stanley Tucci!

He also appeared in The Devil Wears Prada, right?

I think he's an outstanding supporting actor! 

I want an understanding friend like him.

There were many wonderful songs,
but I especially like this song.

"Welcome to Burlesque"

I wanna watch it again.
I'll buy DVD!


Christina Aguilera

I'll go to movie theater to watch "Burlesque" with Kitty today.

She likes Christina,
and I also like her.

Especially this video↓


Mama Monster

I got it yesterday.

"Lady Gaga - Critical Mass Fashion"

I like her fashion.
I think she is art.

But sometimes
it's difficult to appreciate her for ordinary person like me.

This book has many pictures of Gaga,
 commentaries on her back ground
and what she want to express by every fashions and stages.

If you like her, I really recommend you to buy it.
This book is really rewarding : )


He likes her, not me

I had TOEIC exam today in my school.

I could do better than usual : )
because I didn't doze off this time.

today's look
coat : Jeanasis
dress : Love Girls Market

Somehow or other I'd like to lose five more kilos...


Christian Dior Haute Couture - Spring 2007

inspired by Japan


I like it the best↑

 Origami dress

and John Galliano




I cut my hair by myself.

no one noticed that!

It's a major change for me,
but not big difference for other people.  


Yes or No?

I've got new, wonderful and fashionable friends!

I don't deepen the bonds of friendship usually :P
but I want to strengthen ties with them.

I wish I could meet them again soon...

I'd like to show you my new shoes!

IamI's flat shoes :)

Some people say "What a foolish shoes!"
but most of fashionable friends praised them.

They are my favorites!
They are perfect for indecisive me, right?



They are cool! lol

Korean singers, DOZ, sing in strange Japanese.


Long time no see :P

It's a long time since I wrote my blog last.
I'm sorry!

I'll write my blog again!